The Science of Yantra

Yantra is described by Roy Eugene Davis as a "geometrical portrayal of cosmic forces and their actions that may be used for meditative contemplation".

Hold your fingers spread before a lamp. Look at the edges of your fingers. What do you notice? You observe a smoke-like phenomenon. Similarly, hold a bit of paper in front of the lamp. You will notice the same thing around it as you saw around your fingers. Hold a leaf before a lamp and you will see a similar sight. In all the things, a similar observation will be seen. What is this?

In the universe, starting from an atom to the Sun, nothing is still. All are getting worn out and atoms are being replenished. Around an object, worn out atoms make an exit and new atoms are replenished. What you saw in front of the lamp was a radio active sphere. To the ordinary eye, it looks like smoke but, if you with the subtle eye, you will see electrons moving up and down. The magnet that attracts iron has a gravitational sphere around it which attracts iron filings. Similarly, around an electric wire you can see such a sphere. The transformers in a radio work on this principle.

The radiating energy from an object, leave the object in certain patterns. From the sphere of gravitation we can tell what kind of object it is. Some are triangular and some are square. Sri C.V. Raman opined that, by observing light rays, we can determine the nature of an object. To make electrons exit and enter an object, some energy is required. The energy must be in the object itself. Today’s science has proved that materialisation of things is due to compression of energy. Therefore, the functioning of energy in objects vary. Some are very fast and others are slow. Some activate the energy in a triangular shape and some in a square shape. The shape of an object also varies due to the arrangement of atoms in the object.

For example: charcoal, coal, graphite and lead all have the same basic material, but their shapes change because of the arrangement of atoms in them. All objects have energy rays and when they come close to one another, there is a direct clash of energies. At this juncture, the one with greater energy will make the weaker one inactive. Not only this, it will induct some of its energy into the weaker object. This is called exchange of energies, or occupying the weaker object. (In Tamil it is called Prabhavital) You may have heard about ‘Rasa Vada’. By this method copper can be made into gold. The principle behind this is that explained above. copper and gold have electrons of a particular shape. If the electrons of mercury and other objects are induced in copper, it will turn into gold. Similarly, if electrons are inducted in gold, we can change gold into some other object. Our ancients have kept it as a secret. Today’s science is able to prove this point.

All objects are a compression of energies. The basis of several things combine with several electrons. As already stated, all things are radiating. The stronger radiating object, will absorb the weaker one and will change its character. Mental energy is the strongest of all the energies in the world. It is in great measure in man but it is functioning according to the impulses of his five sensory organs. If this mental energy can be controlled and made to act according to our wishes, we will be able to change all the energies in the world. This is the secret of yoga.

Yanthra can store a lot of electrons and is capable of releasing them slowly. If one can store his mental energy in gold, silver, cloth, water, fruits, vibhuthi and vermillion, it will stay in these articles for a long time and keep on radiating for many days. This radiation enters the aura of people who associate with one and make their minds act as per his wish, and they become great. With the mental energy, create such radiation that will enter the mind of humans; and charge them on a metal plate (an alloy of copper, gold, silver, lead and bronze) which have words of manthras and various geometric figures engraved on it. Such geometrical figures and manthras have power implanted in them capable of changing the mind of a person who comes near it.