The Science of Mantra

When one shouts out a word, it is heard by those around him up to a certain distance. How is it that they are able to hear this? The sound travelled from the person who shouted to the person who heard the sound. Sound travels through space and soundwaves spread in all directions but powerful soundwaves travel further while weaker ones travel only a limited distance. These are facts that are known to all.

By filming a burning candle while repeating certain sounds, the flame of the candle will be seen to burn differently as each different sound is uttered. If colour film is used, it will be seen that the colour of the candle flame will change also with the different sounds. This is because each sound emits a different vibration, which in turn effects the energy of the flame, causing it to change shape and colour. Sound therefore has speed, shape and colour and there are many scientific instruments that can be used to prove this.

In a cinema, sound waves are converted to light waves and then back to their original state, resulting in the light and sound that is visible to us on the cinema screen. A chain of continuous sound is capable of producing shape and power to act. If a room is filled with smoke and a specific musical note is played on a particular musical instrument, there will be a movement in the smoke and the image of Jesus will form. If a door is set to open to a particular sound vibration, it will do so when the correct sound is produced. There are many similar situations present in our modern electronic world.

If an electronic device is fitted to a car with a remote control, the car can be made to turn left or right, or proceed ahead, complying with the commands of impulses. This has been seen by many and it is also a known fact that plants grow better while music is played to them. Certain music can cause people to sleep, other music can cause hypnosis, while still other music can result in increased physical energy. Even a sick person can be healed by listening to certain music.
Certain sounds can affect our circulation and nervous system. For example, by repeating ‘Ram, Ram, Ram’ 1008 times, a person’s body heat can be increased. If ‘Sam, Sam, Sam’, is similarly chanted, it will create cold. Whatever change such vibrations cause, extends to the mind of a person and also to the surrounding atmosphere, causing warmth or coolness. All this can be known by study and shown by practise.

All activities of the body and mind are externally influenced. If there were no Sun, there would be no pranic energy in the body. Without the moon, brain-fluid would not exist. Whatever is in Pinda comes from Anda.

Mantras are capable of channeling particular energies and, when a specific number of repetitions of a mantra (Japa Mantra) are chanted, a person’s body and mind resonates with the frequency of the mantra which permeates the surrounding atmosphere, attracting more of the same energy frequency. Great sages have given us specific mantras to help us attract Divine beings, sometimes allowing the practitioner to even see the subtle form of such being with his physical eyes. The frequency of Japas that are repeated in order to accomplish a specific goal, will spread into the surrounding atmosphere, attracting the energy specific to the required situation and helping the practitioner to achieve his required goal.